Monday, 30 March 2015


My family was invited to stay over at a friend's winery in Barossa Valley last weekend, and we were lucky enough to have a whole tour of the winery and vineyards. We picked grapes and figs and my mother got emotional and told us a story about how when she was in primary school in China she used to always skip class with the boys to steal the neighbours' figs.  

( Outfit: Jumper - Jigsaw ,  Jeans - MONKI (literally the best jeans in the universe) , Runners - Nike )

The term's almost over and I'm really excited for the holidays- I'm going on a school trip for the Winter and Spring break, and I'm going to be studying for a large part of the Summer break and every break in 2016 since it's my senior year, so this is my last holiday before graduation where I can just catch up with old friends and enjoy Sydney and all that. 

Today started out really gloomy with the freezing rainy weather, but I grabbed a double shot skinny latte on the way to school and from there my day went A+: I finished all of my maths (is it just me or is calculus actually fun?) and finally finished my art body of work. I'm so impressed by my own artwork, and my teacher really liked it too- he was on the phone with his husband today (I think!) and mentioned my artwork and referred to me as 'you know the art student I told you about' so I'm really touched that he mentioned me in his non-work life! My extension english teacher told me she liked the narrative voice in my creative piece and I scored myself two internship-esque placements at an art gallery for the holidays as well as a volunteer position at an upcoming art exhibition. 

I hope you're all having a really great day!

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