Monday, 25 May 2015


Hello ! 

A huge sorry in advance for my one month disappearance. I don't really have an excuse right now. I'm actually writing this post in procrastination for studying for my French speaking exam tomorrow. Cue the screaming. 

( Outfit: Halter - Agenty Ninety-NineJeans - MONKI  , Boots - Seed Heritage  , Cardigan - Oscar St , Hat - Cotton On , Lips - Roomiest Rose by Clinique )

Last weekend was a blast- Saturday morning my team and I won our first basketball match of the season ( ha ha it's game 3 already ) ! After that I went to the markets near my place and picked up this gorgeous Oscar St cardigan, and spent the rest of the day reading a new book I've gotten into, The Girl With All The Gifts by M R Carey. I can't really talk about it since I'm not even halfway through, but it's definitely the single most creepy yet thought-provoking book. A definite recommendation if you're into the whole sci-fi adventure sort of scene. ( I'm really not, but I'm really loving it! ) 

Sunday morning me and my brother grabbed brunch near the City and he snapped these shots, and after we went shopping for him and ended up getting five pairs of jeans. My mom then got really mad at me because 'he's still growing he'll grow out of them soon he doesn't need that many jeans' and I went to MUJI which just opened in the City and I bought about 10kg of stationery and socks and glass bowls. ( how many glass bowls are too many? answer - there's never too many. ) Finally after getting home I managed to drop my phone in the toilet and it's currently suffering major water damage and I'm currently suffering major separation anxiety from instagram and snapchat. 

I hope your weekend went really lovely, too! I'm going to start speaking French to a mirror now. 



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